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7 days ago

Another garbage heap platform

Been on the site for close to a year now, and NO meaningful connections made. They will send emails, "You just received a like, reach out to that person" - - then, you go and click the link and nobody is at the other end.
The customer service "ticket system" is complete (word removed) they will regurgitate canned responses with no real thought behind them. Calling them on the phone, they keep you indefinitely waiting with God-awful piano music. Then, when i FINALLY reached a rep from their alternate line that features "dating coaches" i was apprised that the music will continue to play, but no representative will be there to take the call - - completely despicable. Like, have nothing to do with these people; save your time and money.
5 years ago


7 years ago

Plaintext password

All user information is stored in plaintext, and if you forget your pass...

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7 years ago

Don't go here! Full of scammers and trolls.

Got scammers searching out my gmail account and contacting me through it, ones who say they live in the States or Canada but are currently in another country and was trolled several times by people proporting to be women but they changed their pictures and profile to that of a man later o...

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8 years ago
small-community-1 is a scam

After paying their fees they charge my credit card again.