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4 years ago

Safe site for everyone

I have used this website for more than 10 years and never had any issues...

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5 years ago

Not safe for kids, please block sites like this.

This site is a parents nightmare. You can log in as a guess and no one is the wiser. Just from catching my 12 yr old on it because her friend told her about it. I have blocked the site using my router but parents beware because anyone can pretend to be anyone and this is exactly what child sex predators look for. I have routed my DNS through your services to block sites like this one because kids of any age can get on it and there is no identity verification...

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7 years ago

This Site Seems Strange

I found this site and saw that it lets you talk to anybody through the I...

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11 years ago

website is ok but the people are not

the wbesite itself is ok but more than once i have been annoyed by someo...

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12 years ago


its an alright website i have been on it like up to 20 mins and nothing ...

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