7 years ago

bogus job offers

This company claims to have an office wherever you are located, but they're apparently offering internet-based services from the Bahamas. Beware!

added 7 years ago

I just received an email in response to my inquiry about the job posted on Craigslist. And, of course, they said I sound perfect for the job and to click on link to answer a few questions. Here is a cut and paste of what was said exactly:
Thank you for submitting your resume for our receptionist position.
We have been getting a lot of applications for this opening, but I am happy to let you know that I have reviewed your resume and it looks good.

Before I can set you up with the final interview, you need to complete a short personality screening, which can be found at our homepage. Your resume has been assigned with a personal application code which is: XXXX

Please go to enter your code and complete the personality screening, so we can progress with the application process.

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Karen Miller
HR Manager
Viniva Inc

Well, I will NOT be responding or clicking on any link! IF this was legit, they would not be asking to click on any kind of link I dont think....BEWARE!

added 7 years ago

This site goes by many different names. Can find many of them advertising 'jobs' on many of the different Craigslists. They are all a scam. Whatever you do, do not give them any of your information.