14 years ago

KiVVi Software

Rogue application for Mac made by the rogue Ukrainian company KiVVi Software, who also made the notorious SpyAxe, Cleanator, and Macsweeper. This website became popular between April-June. However, Symantec says that this page contains a Downloader, but doesn't say it contains a misleading application. There is also not a threat report for Imunizator, but Symantec blogged about it, so either they don't detect a threat or this website has the exact same code as Macsweeper (it basically does) so they just detect it as Macsweeper. Also, on the Symantec forums a Mac user got infected with a Downloader, so is it possible that this could be the only Mac Downloader, but still a downloader? Currently, no Downloader has been reported for Mac.