10 months ago


This company is definitely a scam - I invested a small amount, which did quite well...I tested a small withdrawal, which was granted...I then invested more but when I tried to withdraw the profit they went quiet...I left it a month and tried to withdraw again and messages, no ability to withrdaw, the contact number on the site didn't ring, the contact forms were not responded to...So I left it.

I have now had a call from the finance team, another very rude man who said my broker was fired because he gave the wrong advise to customers (me included) and offered for me to withdraw my money - I said yes...but here's the catch...I would have to FIRST transfer 'capital gains tax of 24% and a service fee of $800' and THEN they would send me my money.

When I pointed out that I am actually in a loss position at the moment and shouldn't pay CGT as I haven't gained anything, he said that's the law.

When I asked which country's laws they were working to, he couldn't tell me.

Needless to say I haven't parted with any more money dispite their assurances that I would have my money back in 24hours after I parted with another 24%+$800.

DO NOT WORK WITH THIS PLATFORM - Use Coinbase, or PayPal, or any other reputable broker - not these, not Eurotrade (similar twice bitten!).

Every day is a learning day! Back to bricks and mortar....