1 years ago

Untrusted Practices

I wanted to post notice that @astrillvpn has become an untrustworthy company. They apparently care about money to the point they deny they are auto-renewing subscriptions using payment on record, but are doing just that. When I questioned them, they denied it, refused to reverse the charge despite the payment not being due as of my identifying the unauthorized charge, nor would they conduct an investigation as to how the auto-charge happened. This is forcing me to actually lock my account for about 2 weeks to get a new card as they simply re-charge after every contest I push with my bank account.
Any company that takes these actions are NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR PRIVACY as a VPN provider. If they’re willing to put money first & hope people either don’t notice or contest it, they are willing to do worse with their data. It is sad to see a company with such potential reach this point, but apart from a full leadership changeout, you cannot trust the decisions of the leaders who drove the company to this point. For this reason, I revoke my endorsement for Astrill VPN.