2 years ago

Credit Card Scam Site

This is a "FREE VERIFICATION" scam URL. Scammers trick users on dating sites to meet but first need to verify they are of age. If you follow through with entering your username password and email, the next step is credit card information.

That part is an iframe that is hidden enough though that you don't see the fine print about what sites you are signing up for so victims think it's a free verification process.

There's a few of these sites such as, and

What the user is really signing up for is a subscription to multiple dating and porn sites without their knowledge.

Theses trick sites (, and and company are all registered to:
Staffordish Limited | PANAGIOTI KASPI 3, FLAT/OFFICE 202, Nicosia,
Cyprus, 1095

Ntiana Tsamourlidou

For more information about this scam see here: