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Scam (Dating scam): You will be charged money

For those who use online dating, some women may tell you they use this website for safety reasons, but it's a scam.

Entering a username, password, and email address will forward you to this website: , which then automatically forwards you to this website:

If you enter your credit card/debit card information into the, you will automatically be charged $39.99, which will be immediately taken out of your credit or checking account. And is billed repeatedly on a monthly basis. is affiliated with who are based in Panama city, Panama.

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This is correct. joinsafelyonline also rotates between, and

What the user is really signing up for is a subscription to multiple pornsites or dating site without their knowledge.

Theses trick sites (, and and company are all registered to:
Staffordish Limited | PANAGIOTI KASPI 3, FLAT/OFFICE 202, Nicosia,
Cyprus, 1095

Ntiana Tsamourlidou

More information about that company can be found here: