7 months ago

Facebook is a Scam

facebook has black banned my website www.mpii.com.au because a user falsely reported it as abusive so now any adds that i've paid for are now returning a warning that my site is malicious and dangerous after i spent a year and almost $5,000 on Facebook adds and developer account and business pages it is all now pointless because facebook is trying to ruin my reputation! facebook are scum and bullies of the internet , i am disgusted and appalled at there behaviour 6 weeks it has been without notice or any communication at all just a flat cursing and down putting of my site www.mpii.com.au it's a disgrace and facebook and zuckerburg should be ashamed of themselves!. im boycotting facebook!. and i will be taking them to court for this detriment and slander to my name and my site.

added 3 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg considered making "Dark Profiles" that would allow users to collect information about people that aren't on Facebook, according to a new book.

The possibility was one of a number of ideas that have been revealed in a new book about the history of Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg's ascent to being one of the most powerful people in the world.

That book, written by author Steven Levy and some of which has been published in Wired, includes information taken from one of Mr Zuckerberg's journals, written in 2006 as he was considering ways to make the early Facebook grow.

One of those was the dark profiles, which would be used for people who had either chosen not to join Facebook or had not got around to it yet.

People would create them for their friends, by entering their name and email address, the journals reveal. It would then be set up and let other people add information about the person to that page, like a Wikipedia article for anyone not on Facebook.

In the journal, which he referred to as the "Book of Change", Mr Zuckerberg suggested it would be a good way of encouraging people to sign up. They could be alerted to facts people were writing about them and then be provoked into joining up, he suggested.

The Facebook boss was aware that the idea could be "creepy" and could stir up privacy concerns, he noted. But that might be assuaged with suggestions such as keeping them from appearing on search engines.