1 years ago

Absolutely no good.

Norton 360 BLOCKED this IP from attempting an install of:
Fake Flash Player Download 19. Definitely avoid.
The interesting thing though, when i did some digging into the registrant of this IP, it seemed to be tied with an Amazon host....
Whatever the case may be, definitely avoid this one.

added 1 years ago

Well, if i could post you the screenshot of my Norton program blocking the IP here i would. Further, when you plug in this IP into whois.domaintools.com, it absolutely reveals that this IP is registered to: United States Ashburn Amazon Technologies Inc.
I've been doing this for close to ten [10] years here, i don't just frivolously report things, unless of course, there is good cause.
Take care,

added 1 years ago

First, this site is fully authenticated and being developed and maintained with care so that nothing like the above happens. I have been using licensed Norton Security in all my PCs and the site works smoothly with it.

Second, the information that IP is tied to Amazon host... is ABSOLUTELY MISLEADING!! It is this remark that shows that the person is biased and has some conflict of interest (possibly, a competitor for my business).

I leave it to Symantec / Norton to decide about it and declare on the platform.
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