12 years ago

Be Cautious

I used this software when I ran windows and had no issues but there is a ton of bad reviews at mywot.com and Siteadvisor as well

added 12 years ago

Thanks for your response. We've found that a lot of the reviews regarding our products, made under negative pretenses, can be attributed to some of our competitors. That being said, we've encountered valid criticism regarding our products and services, and done everything possible to perfect our imperfections (A process we'll continue to undertake). You should note that we exist to help people optimize their computer experience. We truly do care about providing a valuable service, and we understand how frustrating it can be for a consumer that doesn't get the result they were hoping for after using one of our products. But, errors in the registry aren't the only reasons computers suffer slow downs, so there's only so much we can do in cases where users have viruses, or other hardware issues. Thanks again for your honesty.

Michael Jennings,
Quad Registry Cleaner