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disk-defrag-setup (1).exe from

Why is Norton classifying this site as dangerous?
I have been using Auslogics disk defrag for years

added 2 years ago

I too was using Auslogics products, but after Norton Quarantined the .exe file everytime I installed an update and had to turn off Norton Internet Security to install Auslogic products, I did a little snooping. Auslogic was born in 2008, in Australia. I have used their products to address Windows 8 and 10 registry problems for several years. However, Norton has been around for many more years, and Peter Norton produced some computer saving tools I have used for many more years. Consequently, having to turn off Norton Internet Security to install Any SOFTWARE is a great big ORANGE FLAG for me.

I extended my research and found "Advanced System Repair Pro" provides the tools I want and NEVER CAUSES ME TO TURN OFF NORTON INTERNET SECURITY to install or update. I emailed Auslogic about the problem and in their fairly quick reply was, "Turn off your security protection software, install the update, then turn the security software back on." To me, this suggests Auslogic has CHOSEN TO NOT ADDRESS THE PROBLEM THAT THEY KNOW ABOUT, or that they have a reason for choosing to not address the problem, but won't say why.

Bottom line? Uninstall Auslogic products to be safe and NEVER KEEP installing an application that causes a quarantine action by Norton Internet Security unless you have done extensive research to justify unprotecting your system.