8 months ago

Great vets!

I'd been seeing my prior vet for many years, but he moved to a location that is farther from my home and has only limited weekend hours and no evening hours. So I tried this office because it's close to my home and they have lots of weekend and evening hours. What an amazing surprise - they're fantastic. At the first visit for my dogs, Dr. Sunshine Riehl picked up a heart murmur in my dog that has likely been there a long time. He saw a cardiologist and had a heart ultrasound - turns out he has a pretty bad heart that my other vet missed. Finding and treating it now has given us a year with him that we really are treasuring. There is no high pressures sales tactics and they truly want the best for my pets. Their in house pharmacy is very convenient but somewhat expensive compared to online ones. They are totally fine with me getting my meds online and are great about faxing refills. What a jewel in a surprising place (small shopping plaza near La Costa Oaks and San Elijo).