9 months ago

Hard to believe this is Norton Secured...

Whilst browsing the site tonight 4/15/2018, was hit with a malvertisement attack from an external site (which i have already documented here by the way). Then, figuring it was a fluke, went back to the site - - the second time around, did not get hit with an attack, however, IE 11 crashed altogether with the typical message, "We're sorry, Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close". Nice. I imagine that it is all the garbage ads on their page; if they cleaned that up, perhaps the site would function more efficiently. I probably should rate this site lower, but will leave it at the 'annoying' (at the very least) for now.

Take care,

P.S.- It is interesting to note, that other community reviewers (i guess the more recent of which from four years ago) have NOT spoken highly of this site either. Not only taking into consideration that, but, my findings from tonight, perhaps it is time for Norton to re-assess what is occurring with respect to this website...