1 years ago


Be sure to see the records for both and

Got a spam email today December 7 2017 from these scumbags. Coming out of the Ukraine from IP (UniSender Rus, Ltd)

The spammer was using the redirector

To redirect to the actual site which is

This appears to be some kind of online game that this person is spamming out.

The spammer is trying to protect the end site by using a series of redirects.

The site is being hosted at IPs and both of these IPs belong to the following company

OVH.CZ s.r.o.
Vaclavske namesti 64/807
110 00 Praha 1
Ceska republika
Email #1:
Email #2:

OVH are pure scumbags and do not want to remove their spammy customers.

The actual site is located at IP This IP belongs to

Storm Systems LLC
Nezhinskaya st., 7
Russian Federation
Phone #1: +74996477938
Phone #2: +421 (23) 278-45-63
Phone #3: 646-491-6259
Email #1:
Email #2:

Appears that this spammer is using a anti-ddos
protection service to hide the true location where this website is actually being hosted.

Do not go to these websites this is run by a spammer!