3 years ago

Fake Dating site run by spammers

See the listings for,,,,,,,,

This is all the same spammer.

Spam was sent from a throw way free google account. spam came from
spam was sent to me on Dec 6 2017
URL listed is of which is being hosted at IP

The IP belongs to the following company.

Namecheap, Inc.
11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA
USA, 90064
Phone #: 323-375-2822
Email #1:
Email #2:
Email #3:
Email #4:
Email #5:

Namecheap does have a ticketing system where you can submit complaints as well located at / are a bunch of scumbags who supports spammers.

I have at least a dozen or more tickets open on their ticketing system since December 6 2017 which are waiting for a response from the staff. It is January 5 2018 today nearly a month later with no response to the tickets.

namecheap is intentionally ignoring spam complaints and supports spammers.

This information is valid as of January 5 2018 but this is subject to change to the large volume of complaints that this company is receiving about this spammer.

Do not go to this site this site is nothing more than a scam. This spammer is collecting information about people to sell and spam you. do not enter any kind of personal information on this website you will just get ripped off!