6 years ago

Very Safe

Very safe. Because of the way they work in the background to modify values in another program, and because of the authentication devices used to keep the site in business [DRM but completely non-intrusive, closer to a watermark on a PDF] antivirus heuristics will sometimes think that downloaded trainers from this website have malware. When I first signed up for this site and got anti-virus notification, I was freaked; but I looked it up, investigated the issue, ran various antivirus program scans, and there are zero problems.

Among other things, although this is a games cheat/editor site designed to let you play games your way (replacing the olden style cheat codes companies used to put in their games), it is also a /business/ run by a small cadre of people. If any malware managed to slip into their trainers, their business would collapse. And again, it's not a "swap meet" or torrent-equivalent of trainers by tons and tons of different people, where a few bad actors could slip in; it's got a core set of programmers and owners. While I can't know without looking over their shoulder, from everything they've said, all evidence I've seen, all communications I've had etc. it seems squeaky clean.

The combination of all these factors means I'm very confident giving this a full "secure and trusted" rating - probably more so than many big commercial sites that place tracking cookies and ads galore!

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I concur.
Norton deletes almost every trainer claiming it is dangerous. I had to place them into a private directory and mark it as a "do not monitor" just to keep them. I've been a lifetime member a long time and they are safe!