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Pokemon Go

it seems to be one of the top websites from Summer 2016 :-)

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Unfortunately, Ash went down in the final Kalos battle, but, I think this was the longest he has lasted in such a contest. Last time, facing off against Tobias' Darkrai, his entire team was virtually wiped out in a matter of minutes. This time, it went right down to the wire and both sides' last Pokémon. That was one heck of a battle, but, you have to admit going up against mega-evolved Charizard was going to just be an uphill climb from the start. All in all, I believe Ash is getting stronger and can't be disappointed even in losing as he left it "all on the court" (so to speak). I was also impressed to see Ashe's more pro-active battling style. In years past, it seemed like he was more reactionary. This time, far from it. As the other side was calling attacks he was calling attacks that would defend and attack at the same time. Definitely like that, and hope to see more in the next adventure. It definitely seems that the series is following a logical progression, and, you would have to imagine, that he will go all the way next time. Gudra definitely holds some big potential on Ashe's team, and with some more fine-tuning, probably could have lasted longer in this contest. I would also like to see the return of some of his other greats like Sceptile, Infernape, and Charizard coupled with Gudra and Greninja for his next adventure, I think he would be unstoppable.
According to a source I was recently reading, Pokémon Sun and Moon will be the highest-grossing pre-order in Nintendo history.
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