5 years ago

Student Webite

I am the owner of this site (currently having issues verifying with Norton but Google verification works) and I originally created this site for a class project. After it was over, I turned the site into my own personal site where I put up whatever I want for fun. It is really just a site with links to other online game sites and some info and downloads about some projects I had worked on. My site has been up for about 2 years with varying browsing traffic.
The only thing that may be considered "malicious" is a program called "Open". It can be downloaded by a certain link that is VERY obvious. If the user's device has a disk drive, the disk drive will repeatedly open and close. It can easily be stopped using the task manager or just log off of that account on the computer. The Open program is meant for pranks which info about it is clearly stated in a page of the link for Open Help is clicked under Questions/comments tab. The site has nothing that can damage your computer in any way.