7 years ago

Quasar Fx

Quasar fx is established in 1999 and since then our company is specialized in online trading systems. Our pricing systems are used in many brokerage and financial companies where we offer FX traders the highest speed of execution that's unmatched in the marketplace.

Quasar global network prides itself on its commitment to customer services and our individual and institutional trading platforms offer numerous advantages, along with its superior and multilingual client service. We offer our clients high quality market information with a focus on technical analysis, capital flow observations, and a continuous review of the ever changing worldwide economic and political landscape. We work closely with our clients to ensure that a customer’s operational needs are satisfied.

Do not limit yourself with FX only brokers. Quasar offers a wide range of products including FX, FX Options, Spot Metals, NDFs and CFDs. Explore the advantages of different markets and diversify your risk.

Our FX backoffice systems are totally integrated with our online trading systems. The trades flow seamlessly from our clients machines into our servers which generate any kind of statement and risk management information that is very crucial for your operation. Our online dealing interface provides you with the next generation of online trading.