7 years ago


Ftechnics is a confluence of technology, people and finance. With over 50 years of combined experience in technology, finance and trading, the principals formed FTECHNICS to create “alternate solutions”.

Created in the late 1990’s, FTECHNICS was founded on the belief that technology could not keep pace with financial product evolution. Most of these applications were various versions of the same thing. A lack of product innovation, a fundamental lack of risk management or concern for operational issues all produced sub-standard innovation. FTECHNICS sought to find, create and implement innovative solutions to trading, risk management and operational assignments.

The leading founders have over 50 years combined trading experience in various financial markets with many leading global financial institutions, during when they came to realize that although technology was rapidly expanding in other areas, financial markets were underserved.

Furthermore, as markets began to mature and develop and the pool of traders began to grow, many of the basic trading fundamentals, efficiency and risk management were being ignored. By teaching technology professionals about markets and trading, FTECHNICS reasoned that what the market could not offer, they would build.

Today, FTECHNICS serves as benchmark for developing innovative and creative solutions across multiple markets. FTECHNICS is now well known of its patent pending innovations, and strategic alliances. Our White Label solutions are used across 5 continents and over 80 countries by various market professionals