7 years ago


my brother went here and downloaded regclean pro on my computer but the virus was removed DO NOT GO HERE!

added 6 years ago

Systweak is a safe site and provides excellent products. I have used them for years.

added 7 years ago

After I reviewed this and commented on all the bad (totally unbelievable and ignorant reviews), a month or more ago, Norton's little red icons disappeared! It seems Norton's left hand is okay, but its right hand is determined to destroy another software manufacturer's excellent maintenance suite, and reputation.
Perhaps this is because Symantec Norton is AMERICAN and I believe Systweak is BRITISH, and Norton cannot accept the competition for it's own 'not very good now' Norton System Works. I used to use it, and at the time it was moderately good, but it has NEVER been in the class of Systweak's software!

added 7 years ago

This is another person who is obviously neither conversant with the use of software, or just unable to do more than complain because either he doesn't understand it, or his brother doesn't understand how to install software. Either way, this is nor a review!