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☠ Spamvertized STOOGE Site

☛ Spam Distributors, Email Harvesting, Tracking & Redirection.
☛ Site is associated with or sending Mass UCE Spam.
☛ Spammed site pose Possible Illegal Phishing/ID Theft Scams.
☛ Site uses Shortened/Obscured Redirection URLs to HIDE the true web address.
☛ User beware. Do not become their next victim.

*<*-*>* The intended and deceitful practice of sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) is not consistent with how a "legitimate and reputable company" would/should do business.

*<~>* Common illegal and deceitful practices include: forging the email header, forging the "To" email address, omitting or "munged" the email "To" address and obscuring the website/domain URL (obfuscated the HTML links) and using Shortened URLs to HIDE their true web address.

(•ิ_•ิ) Why would you trust a company that needs to knowingly send Illegal Mass UCE Spam? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would/should do business!

(•ิ_•ิ) Always remember the basic rules about Scammers/Spammers:
❶ Scammers/Spammers always lie.
❷ If a Scammers/spammer says they aren't lying, see rule 1.

☠ Phishing-Scam URL: hxxp://
☠ Sent Using IP: