8 years ago


I recently had my system hacked while I was surfing the web during the thanksgiving holidays. I had been using Firefox for a few months.
NORTON DID NOT CATCH THE INTRUSION OF TROJAN.ADH.2 which disabled my Norton. I could not access or deleted sites that were coming across my system.
I had a professional IT tech work on the system but we still couldn't get it out.
I finally was able to go around and download nortons power eraser and execute it. It fixed the problem immediately and told me where it came from.
It came thru on FireFox/Better-Surf/Google/Bing.
Bing is the IP that Google uses as the IP for FireFox. Bing is set as the default IP addon which cannot be changed. I am uninstalling Firefox never to darken their doors again.
the worst part of this whole affair i if you go to Norton SafeWeb and type in all of those websites it will tell you they are safe AND BetterSurf is something you definetly don't want in your system.

added 6 years ago

Your review scares me as I just purchased an Apple Macbook Pro. I was working online yesterday and a window popped up, saying "Firefox Update." I stupidly clicked on it and the next thing I'm in a screen that had nothing to do with Firefox. My computer is now doing strange things like right clicking by itself and it will not allow me to close Firefox. Thank you for the suggestion. Also, where did you leave this review?