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This was a url I was asked to type in by an Indian call centre saying they were from Microsoft and that I had a virus! I didn't type it it!

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I had a person call me and said my windows is reporting to a server that there are faults and the will fix them. So I allowed them and at this site I had to install a a1.exe to allow remote control, so I did. I found they upload LOG files and it allowed them to show me in the event viewer RED faults and tried to keep me on line. I cut them off when they started to download my personal files. I restored my PC state back to one day and checked events and I had no faults. My system was fine. All they wanted to is gather all the info off my PC to hack my bank and any thing that was good to get. To bad it was a new PC with no INFO on it. They asked what the computer was used for Banking, Work, any info that a real person would not ask. I'm a advance user and all they want is to hack info off your PC. Don't allow them to help you. They are not a support site for Microsoft!