4 years ago


For those of you who check your routers logs you may have seen an entry where a sight sent a beckon [] or if it send one to an IOS copatible device [] you might notice that it will appear after receving/ sending a cookie to an unsecure sight. So for the most part any time you log in. I use windows 8 so each time I log on to my computer and connect to the microsoft server I get this beackon. I first started to look into this because each time I log/try to on to a page and its fully loaded it would continue to cycle/load something (even new tabs wich on internet explorer and Google Chrome with an actave google account will load this beackon). how it got my IP address I don't know it may have been all the free offers I've been doing on but wherever you get it from be shore to block it.

added 4 years ago

It may have linked to my computer through this sight, although I've never used it the description says it can be linked to web sights through a widget