7 years ago

Not safe

I thought downloads on cnet were safe. I thought wrong! I downloaded a free .rar extract Frog program and wound up with Adware and possibly Spyware. The worst thing of all is that Norton reported the download safe and failed to detect any of the browser changes and .exe files that were downloaded when I opened my hijacked homepage! Norton also allowed these downloads to run as programs and failed to block them or even ask me if I wanted to allow them to run. I tried submiting the bad link to Norton but so far no luck with getting them to do anything about it. Hope this changes soon! I will never download ANYTHING from cnet again!

added 6 years ago

They are horrible, and should be shut down.

added 6 years ago

I agree, had similar problem with a "Conduit Search" browser hijacker downloaded from CNET site. Took me all day to finally figure out how to remove this; had to delete and re-install Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to rid my computer of this Conduit Malware. I also will never again log onto that site.