9 years ago

stopthehacker protection

In an era of hacking, you may get more that what you bargained for - Can you imagine reading your favourite news stories on one minute and then visiting some politics website next without typing ANYTHING into your address bar? (Something similar happened on AOL UK a few years ago - a story about William and Kate secretly had a virus built in it. Yes, really).

In mid-2009, the dictionary word "happiness" led to virtually every celebrity Twitter account @thetime to be hacked, in August 2012 this happened to @Reuters continuously, six months later the social networks and computing big cheeses gave in and now ISP Sky's Apps and Twitter account is the latest victim of the SEA, which due to space I cannot list all victims.

Twitter and any hacked websites might need to deploy StopTheHacker onto their website, one of the world's most complicated site protection services. It is available at a range of prices with no installation needed. Try for yourself and see.