9 years ago

Stay away at all costs.

Stay away from there, pop-ups, harmful to your computer. It will harm your computer.

added 8 years ago

The pop ups have viruses in them. Spyware, trojan virus, worms, key logging. It distroys your files and steals personal info for a hacker to steal your identity. Pressing the yes or no button will introduce the virus to your computer. Either press the x at the upper right corner or log out of the site completely. I have ad block on my tool bar and it blocked 89 pop ops withing 10 min. The pop ups are so aggressive that if ad block is off the pop ups actually cover most of the page not allowing you to see the story or dialog. It ties to force you to press something to get rid of it. It seems like when it can't get threw it starts shooting them out violently until one breaks through the ad block. When that happens I'm gone. This site is really dangerous to be on. Lots of hackers i'm told. The trolling is one thing who cares, but the hacking of the computer no thanks. It's not worth the headache and problems being on that site knowing that some scum bag somewhere can try to do fraud with your identity. Your right, people should stay away at all cost. It might cost you more than you bargained for.