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Dell website to download drivers may have used to be safe, but NOT anymore. I downloaded a Engine file, it has a MsDoos which it not detected as a Trojan or virus, but my cable provider emailed that my computer was attacking their servers, and I use Norton 360. Have to go into the registry to get it out. tech support SUCKS THEY INSTALL 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE FROM 3RD PARTY WEBSITES AND DO NOT ASK PERMISSION TO DO SO. THEY TOOK OVER MY LAST DELL LAPTOP I HAD TO RETURN. THEY ARE ALL BASED IN INDIA. CANNOT GIVE YOU A NUMBER TO CALL DELL IN THE U.S. TO REGISTER A COMPLAINT, ETC. NO DELL EVER AGAIN AFTER 2 OF THEM IN 4 MONTHS, DUE TO REMOTE TECH SUPPORT!!!WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!