8 years ago


Bullies everywhere! This site will close down on 1-19-13, which is bad news to all the bullies out there. Lots of violence where jammers pretend to kill eachother, and where they might say 'boys, if you like me come to my den' or something like that. Its said to have strong mature photos, graphics, and videos. Some sickoes out there even try to mate with eachother! Some of the games there are more arcade style and less educating for the person online. Also try to be careful with your online "friends." some of them are not even kids! People say its 60% educational, 50% say sexual content, and 40% say posotive images. But what My review is about this site? 100% non bullying protection.

added 3 years ago

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It is impossible to download pics on there or even have a profile pic! These kids are only roleplaying. There are many romantic roleplays on kids sites, and as long as they don't curse they are completely fine and are just having fun. In fact, I will report you for abuse for lying about a website.

added 6 years ago

Okay, STOP. That was a YEAR ago and soon it will be 2 years. Stop making up those dates. Also like Real said, there is no limbs or stuff! They are just PRETENDING because they are kids! Seriously, MATURE PHOTOS? There are NO photos are what so ever on this! it's run by national geographic which is a trusted company helping to protect animals! Also people AREN'T saying if they want to meet in real life with online friends. Also mating, THERE IS A REASON WHY THERE IS A REPORT BUTTON! And seriously, VIDEOS? You can't even post videos. Also last of all, that "liking thing" they're JUST KIDS! They don't know any better! And finally, NORTON DOESN'T CARE ABOUT FREAKING BULLIES AND STUFF! THE REASON THEY DO THIS IS TO TELL YOU IF THERE IS ANY VIRUSES OR SUCH! SO STOP SPAMMING NORTON WITH THOSE! GO TO A WEBSITE THAT TELLS ABOUT BULLIES OR STUFF ABOUT SITES!

added 7 years ago

Are you serious?? ^^ If you ask me, your the weirdo! I feel sorry for your children if you have any...they will never be able to be kids! And btw, if your a good parent and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer then you dont have to be worried about it...this game is in no way, shape, or form mature, violent, or sexual! And there is an option where you can turn online chat off...if you teach your children right from wrong, and what words to look for to recognize a pervert from a child online then you dont need to worry...a good parent takes time to teach his/her child these things instead of just trying to shelter them from it....the more you shelter them, the more they want to know about things...tell them, show them, teach them! THATS GOOD PARENTING!!!!

added 7 years ago

Ok. Let me explain everything. 1-19-13 already passed. Stop making those stupid dates. ' Lots of violence'. You do NOT see people beating up others. crushing other's limbs or stabbing them in the necks. Strong Mature photos? REALLY? ITS A CHILDS GAME! You should get your head straight!