10 years ago

Most horrible rogue ever

Starts laughing at you then it loads porn, or brings up a message saying ur drive c is being deleted.

added 7 years ago

And while it is "deleting" your C drive, you can't access anything. Every window you try to open just gets knocked down. So when you're at this point, it is too late.

added 7 years ago

Nava Shield Is really a pain in the butt Cause When You Download It It Deletes Your C Drive Which Is Your Entire PC Then Boom You Only Get Your Background when it is Deleted It Cause It Comes With A Trojan Horse That Does It. No Icons No Taskbar Only Shut Your Computer Down Then It Might Work Again Or Go To Your Nearest PC Fixer Send It To Them Then Vwala It is Fixed Or Get A Program Like Spyhunter Link: To Get Spyhunter. Bye!