13 years ago

Fake program - rogue application

This is one of a group of sites run by scammers that bill themselves as "Lowest Price Store." Based on past experience, it is likely that this site is promoted through spam. While it's entirely possible that they are indeed the lowest price store for what they sell (software), stores selling legitimate software might object to that description.

The site claims to have a variety of popular titles at prices that are so low it simply is not possible that they are selling legitimate titles. Some examples:

* Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional $60
* Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended $55
* AutoCAD 2008 $60
* Macromedia Studio 8.0 $55
* VMware Workstation $30

The odds are excellent that a prospective purchaser will expose themselves to fraud, malware or both. If it sounds too good to be true...

Sell counterfeid softwares------- HAHAHAHAH