10 years ago

I'm having a blog where i get this msg saying that is unsafe and got 3 threats fond as Drive-By Downloads ,could you please explain more than you did and help me get rid of that unsafe icons from my blog.until 3 days ago I never had any problems on my blog ,why is that now?

added 10 years ago

Yeah, a lot of fancy jive. Let me see if I can clear this up for everyone. Blogspot in EVERY form is trash on toast and should be avoided.

added 10 years ago

This is happening as a result of Google's roll-out this week of country specific URL relocators. Depending on the country you're viewing the blog from, changes to / .au / .ca / .es / .it, etc. The TLD is still but Norton Safe Web is not recognising individual "verified" safe blogs anymore when they have the relocator appended.

added 10 years ago covers a huge area, and it seems that these threats are only limited to a few blogs (which sound quite suspicious), whilst in the meantime, tarring all other users who host a blog using, which is far from fair!