9 years ago
small-community-1's server database is malware infected

My pc's hard drive was completely erased, formatted with reinstalled operating system, drivers & programs when I had errors of thumbnail images overlaid with different images from there website's photo set zip file downloads. This is indisputable evidence of malware infection affecting of my Windows 7 viewer! Also, my freshly installed DivX video player would repeatedly malfunction with there DivX video downloads as more evidence! Afterwards, there customer support denied the malware infection of there website to protect themselves from liability & they would refuse e-mail communication to attempt troubleshooting the problems they caused! I double-checked Javascript error warnings that I was getting on there advanced search engine page and model photo set pages with 2 other computers that demonstrated the same Javascript error warnings! All this just shows that even the largest cheesecake & lesbian porn site in the world can have it's security breeched by hackers!