10 years ago

Some safety tips and other stuff

Okay, firstly the only reason I rated it green is because I come here for pictures occasionally and minor stuff (like video game raids on chat sites) is sometimes fun. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that.
Now, for safety, if you can't handle sexual images this site is NOT for you. Browsing a variety of boards I noticed people will post porn regardless of the board.
Another thing-- people ARE right about the hackers. Some people on here WILL take your personal information and upload it for the world to bother you. Here's how you can avoid it:
1) Don't post stuff on /b/
2) Don't post stuff anywhere in which it doesn't belong (stay on topic)
3) If you ARE going to post here, make sure you are ALWAYS anonymous. Don't bother creating an account.

added 10 years ago

I posted this to Global Lumberjack's review, and, didn't know if you might be interested as well. Before you issue 4chan a “4-bar rating”, I ask you to consider the following evidence. The WOT Web of Trust is another web-reputation analysis service in many ways more respected than Safe Web. Scores of reviewers from there have found 4chan to be problematic. Some highlights: “werdnac 92” explains, “lots of questionable content (notoriously child pornography)”, “IndyElsdragon” explains, “they do log I.P.s for illegal content.”, “Nokkenbuer” explains that the site spreads, “ignorance, stupidity, violence, gore, and child pornography”, “Garrett” explains that 4chan has, “a wide array of pornographic content - - depicting characters clearly meant to be children”, “Tissues” explains that 4chan, “regularly has illegal images”, “kalashnikov762” does a statistical comparison highlighting that the site contains, “30% child pornography”, “ManusOptus” explains of 4chan, “saturated with child pornography and, if you attempt to report anything, moderators will ban you and encourage your acceptance of it”, and “jtaylor83” explains of 4chan that it contains, “child pornography both loli/shota.” “Karrow”, writing on Complaints Board, says of 4chan that it is, “hackers on steroids.” According to Wikipedia, the site’s child pornography rule is, “the subject of jokes…”