10 years ago

Whoever tagged this as a virus is wrong.

Nyan Cat may be a "viral video" BUT that doesn't make it a virus. A viral video is a video that spreads among people (like friends sending it amongst each other) so fast it's considered viral. It does not have viruses, it's just a term. So if you thought of it as a virus because of that, I explained this. Know Your Meme is your friend when it comes to stuff like Viral Videos. They aren't viruses, go to Know Your Meme for more information. As for spam... I guess this could be considered spam, but if you are the one purposely clicking on it you have no one to blame but yourself. Now onto security, the main point of my review. This is a completely secure site, it's just a cat "flying through space making rainbows". You CAN get addicted to it but other than that there is nothing wrong with it. Also, just because it doesn't end in .org, .net, or .com DOESN'T determine it safe or unsafe. If anyone is curious, the song was "sung" by an UTAU named Momo Momone. She is really popular because her voicebank is one of the easiest ones to understand (I use UTAU). That pretty much sums Nyan Cat up.