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Another review to pass the time

Spam and phishing galore. I frequently use Youtube (I have it running in the background every single time I use the internet) and I have noticed that user's with avatar pictures of naked/half naked appealing women will comment on popular Youtube pages saying things like "Thanks for uploading baby. ;)" or "Hey babe, how are you?" and things seductive like that. When an unsuspecting man who's mind is more focused on what's in his boxers than his computer and identity safety clicks on her profile link, he'll be led to a profile page with a bright, seductive, or even erotic background and no videos. In the description she'll post links to websites like this. Usually she'll say something like "Free XXX porn here" or "Want to see me naked? Click the link below. See ya there. ;)"and other vullgar things. From there, the man's computer and safety is compromised disasterously by this website.

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Long time no see! Sorry I haven't e-mailed you in a long while. I've been busy and I keep forgetting.

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Haven't heard from you in awhile! Yeah, I remember reviewing doiop, Norton kept switching the rating, but I knew it was no good and it looks like your review has bore that out as well.

Regards to you and the family,