10 years ago

Secured? Surely a joke!

This isn't worth the bytes it's shown on; it's only scareware which is determined to get your money!
About this time last year, I used StopZilla to check out my laptop. After around 4 hours of 'scanning' (which is totally ridiculous), the results came back as my laptop being completely riddled with malware! Viruses, trojans, worms, and it was unreal how they were all high-risk threats! And the only way to clear my computer was to pay through the nose for a 'full AV package'. But it seemed kind of weird, considering I had only used the PC for a month, and I had only used safe sites! After running a full scan with AVG, which confirmed my PC to be clean, it was only natural for me to be suspicious. And since I had deleted this software, I haven't had such a high number ever.
I seriously wouldn't trust this site. If you want a reliable AV, please keep away from this site! If you really want a FREE AV, try AVG free. But it is always best to pay for reliable software, such as McAfee, Norton or Kaspersky.