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Not safe at all

This case seems to be like the previous case for brothersoft, with a twist. This antivirus is a scareware program. It tells you that you have hundreds of trojans on your pc, and if you click remove, it forces you to buy the product. Sounds a bit fishy to me. But that's not all. On CNET reviews, there are hundreds of 5 star reviews, with some legit, but most are fake! They say things like give 5 stars and remove all spyware malware. These reviews sound a little bit put up if you ask me. Judge for yourself, I will put the link in my comments. Bottom line: Scamware antivirus, Phony reviews, I say that StopZilla isnt going to stop anything. In other words, UNSAFE!

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I thought this site had been rumbled already! I used it a year ago, with awful results, and even then, it would appear it hasn't learned the error of its ways! Thank you for letting people know! I too have posted a review on it; nothing but scareware that is determined to get to your wallet.

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Brothersoft's rating went to 2.0 again.
It seems that mass quantities of good reviews are being deleted due to Brothersoft's A.R. spam.

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Hi Puggle,

Like I explained on downwithbrothersoft's review of Brothersoft (which is defunct) although it is unfortunate that Brothersoft seems to have picked up the spam game again, I believe that we still won insofar as they flinched first. We'll see how this goes - - if Mary's review where she admits that their company isn't the best is altered - - I may have to re-enter the fray, much to my disappointment because 1.) I thought we could press past this 2.) I still have many more reviews to get to. It might come to the place where I'm doing a 50/50. Basically, issuing reviews yet still keeping one eye on Brothersoft. I really need to be devoting my full attention to my reviews, however. This is a sticky wicket, indeed. Not to mention I'm still hunting for a job in this terrible economy.



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Wow, that's a LOT of 5 star reviews! And they all use brothersoft-style english too.

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Pay close attention to the reviews, specifically the 5 star reviews