11 years ago

Best dog daycare I've been to

In several other places, Waffle would be scared to even go into the daycare, even after the first day, so we took him to camp bow wow. He loves it here, and when we mention it he gets more excited than he does when we mention dog park. The people there are very friendly, and are definitely dog people. I say this site is SAFE!

added 11 years ago

Leave it to Puggle to do a doggy daycare review - LOL.

added 11 years ago

Shoyru is another reviewer on here that you can TRUST - - available at:

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Hey, Puggle.

Everything is good, I'm in the process of getting my updated resume and cover letter out to prospective employers. And, how about yourself? I hope all is well with you and your family. By the way, I went to your YouTube account and, after many failed attempts to hack it, I had to settle for just watching the cartoons, lol. {:-D In all seriousness, your work is good. I know at one point, CN had a thing where you could submit a cartoon idea; have you ever thought of doing that?



P.S.- Shoyru is back!