11 years ago

well duh this where my acount was made

safe safe safer than yahoo and goggle

added 11 years ago

why thank you H.B now that thats done with i can now invesigate the typosquttingsite

added 11 years ago

Hi T.K.,
I thought the site you needed help with was Regardless, what I’m saying is, if you think that you have a virus, you can apply the principles that I gave to Chlo available at: to potentially remedy your situation if you are using a PC with XP. Editing the registry will be different because (obviously) she’s looking for different items, however, using Malwarebytes, the Norton Power Eraser, and the VRQ Tool should be pretty uniform. If you don’t think that you have a virus but are just looking for venerated bureaus to verify Websites in addition to Safe Web, I provide that as well at the same URL I just gave you.
Hope this clarifies things. By the way, you are doing a great job with your reviews - - keep it up!