9 years ago

Dangerous! r1/10.

Thanks HB for your review. You're right. This website is spam. According to WOT and SpamCop This site appeared on an automatically composed list of spamvertised websites. It is also blocked in some countries like India. When I tried Opening this site with proxy, I got This Error:-

The requested resource could not be loaded.
connect() timed out!

This problem only comes in proxies when thw site is blocked, the site is closed(No site exists) or the site's server is down and that also sometimes. When my site's server was down, then also I didn't had this problem but some sites have. I think its blocked in a country or is closed by Cyber Security. It may be reported to Internet Crime Complaint Central(FBI Internet Fraud detection).

Themegastar1 Attckbot Rating- 1/10.

added 9 years ago

Hello themegastar1,

Thank you for your support of my review of If you have questions/concerns you know where to find me. What's interesting is that (initially) Norton found the site to be from Bosnia/Herzegovina now, it is unknown.