7 years ago

One Reviewer (Bitberry) Owns this Website!

Please be aware that one reviewer, Bitberry, who has given this website a "secure and trusted" rating, is likely the owner of the site! (The site is owned by Bitberry Software.)

I personally have no experience with the Free File Viewer site (and have in fact landed here as a result of my own research into whether or not it's safe), so my intention is not to definitively state that the site isn't safe. Yet, the one review of that's posted to the Norton site so far is negative, and I believe it's important for people to know the likely source of the glowing review of that's been submitted by Bitberry.

Site owners should not post their comments among the community reviews but rather via the "Site Owner? Click here" link, so visitors are aware of the source of those comments.

Bitberry has also posted four other glowing reviews here -- all of websites owned by Bitberry Software. These sites may or may not be safe, but the practice of posting a review of one's own website in the community rating section, rather than in the site owner section is questionable, at best, and -- along with the poor rating has received on this site -- definitely appears suspicious.