9 years ago

teutpower.tk redirects teutpower.webs.com r0/100.

Please read my review about teutpower.tk below as teutpower.tk redirects teutpower.webs.com:-
I think my comment was removed because of some duplicate reviewers who reported it as spam. It had 9 Helpful Clicks(Yes). This site is very dangerous and contains a lot of viruses. This site is not teutpower.tk, the original site is teutpower.webs.com which is rated 1/100 by WOT and Red by Site Advisor. It uses dot.tk services to hide its original domain. It contains duplicate Trust seals(eg. Hacker Safe, Trust E etc.) and it also contains trust seal of- freetrustseal.com which is marked as Red by the WOT Community. There are some duplicate reviewers in all sites- WOT, SA and Safe Web. These reviewers are:- rockrouge, ratanyadav, peleking, bijendra, pele1, teut and teutpower. These all are 2 persons- Yuvraj Yadav(Owner of this dangerous website) and Ratan Yadav(Brother of owner). Many viruses like Bloodhound.MalPE and Bloodhound.Exploit.337. The duplicate reviewers' accounts are deleted from WOT and are being removed from Site Advisor also. Themegastar1 Attackbot Rating- 0/100. Very Dangerous!

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But you can't say that this site does not contain viruses, I have researched a lot on this site and found that teutpower.webs.com contains viruses.

added 9 years ago

I did some research into this teutpower.webs.com. S.A. = oblivious. (as if that’s anything new) Their community found the domain malicious. WOT = RED. MalwareURL = 404 Error. hpHosts = Not listed. However, when you punch in “teutpower.tk”, hpHosts finds that the “IP PTR” does NOT resolve. (Getting back to teutpower.webs.com) URLVoid = except for the mention in WOT, clean. Malware Domain List = nothing that I could see. Even Google returns minimal results when you key in “teutpower.tk” or “teutpower.webs.com”. However, when you just Google “.tk”, it gets more interesting. You see the following: “.tk scam”, “.tk virus”, and apparently, “.tk renaming the internet”. When you Google “.tk domain”, Wikipedia (which has gotten a lot better) explains that this “.tk” is stemming from New Zealand and at the tenth link down [on Google] someone explains, “they are domain parking scam. the moment one of their tk domains gets a certain number of hits they take back the domain and park it.” Furthermore, venerated reviewers (on Safe Web) including, but not yet limited to, Elena Hughes, shoyru_master_12, and TornadoM have NOT regarded this “teutpower” highly.
Bottom line, due to an aggregation of evidence, I am dropping the hammer once and for all on this gosh darn weird “.tk” nonsense. From now on, the only thing ending in “K” that I want to hear about is DK. No, NOT Discovery Kids but Donkey Kong - - YEAH!!! Oh, and NORTON, you better look into this “teutpower” malarkey more carefully.