10 years ago

Backup registry hives often

Reg. scanners are junk .and should never be used, and never download one to scan with Active X controls from the net. Never change registry as this could crash the pc.Windows has plenty of registry cells and address. C cleaner does great job of cleaning junk windows uninistall won't. An error doesn't mean its bad. It could be left from older programs and application identifiers no longer valid. Registry software that changes or modifies the hive is suspicious. A healthy registry only gets cleaned from bad entries, not "repaired"

added 9 years ago

actually I've found good use of auslogics registry cleaner along w/ the disk defrag) and that nortons actually messed up part of my registry, also instead of using windows uninstaller consider revo pro uninstall.

added 10 years ago

Use cmd line or power shell to scan for windows os registry for errors and use repair disk to fix them. It's prob safe to say Microsoft knows about its registry. If the core system registry hive is routinly backed up then never should a registry scammer be used. When the core registry entries are backed up and safe then entries from software programs, games, and apps should be scanned with Antivirus/spyware software for known registry hacks. Norton 360 has excellent reg. "CLEANER" and scans for malware removes entries that unistall left.