7 years ago

It popped yesterday. Didn't hit enough people on the first day to be a logic bomb. Just a page load attack that launches a script to pull the virus/worm onto your box and then send an email to everyone on your contact list a blank subject message with the hyperlink
located in the body.
Haven't had a chance to pin it down and open it up. *shrug*

added 7 years ago

In the past 24 hours, my wife had her account comprimised with similar emails being sent with the address (prefixed with what appears to be random letters). This seems to be something new going around. She has an MSN account. I have also noticed that emails are not going in other systems so I am wondering if email systems are being shut down because of this.

added 7 years ago

This virus/worm is circulating via email without the consent of users. Someone you know might send you a blank email with no subject in the Subject line. The only content in the email is a linked web address. As always, suspected emails should never be taken seriously and you should never click on those links. In the last 24 hours, I have received three emails, from different friends, with the following links:

If anyone has more information about how to stop this, please let us know. Thank you!