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2 years ago

No basic account options & no customer support.

I cannot reset my password, nor use the "Lost Password" workaround to reset it, either. Both options are not workin...

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8 years ago

A good site

Snapfiles gives users pure software without the addons. I think they tes...

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8 years ago

Would Not Recommend

Attempted to download some fire recovery software. First, the site had a warning on this download that it may attempt to install third-party promotional software and to be mindful of what I'm checking off when I install something. Okay, fair enough, heck my Flash updates do that much. Then when I downloaded the file, I realized it was actually their own download and installation program. I started getting suspicious, but, for this, I trusted the safety ratings for this site and proceeded. First, the installer attempted to set my default search engine and home page, and give me a new toolbar and plugin on my browser, but then after opening up "Advanced Options" and disabling all that crap, it *still* attempted to install an addon on Firefox. Then once I finished installing the recovery software, it also, unprompted, installed some very fishy-looking "optimization" program, which opened on its own and began scanning my computer. I uninstalled the program immediately, but I honestly have no clue if I now have malware on my compute...

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