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10 years ago

Title:- It’s H.B.’s Christmas Special!

Review:- Except, there is no fun here. If you “Google” this I.P. address, it belongs to a site known as, “”. hpHosts also verifies that Childfun belongs to Supposedly, this is a good site where people can access fingerplays and other things that (apparently) children are interested in. I don’t care if Norton says that this site is safe. Whilst perusing the MBAM protection logs, it recorded that 324 attacks were successfully blocked from infiltrating my system.
Here is the aggregate intelligence. S.A. = Green. S.A.’s Community = Adware, spyware, or viruses (1). Beware, the third-party tracking cookie,, WILL be left on your prospective system. WOT = Lighter green. If you enter into WOT you will see the differences in the shades of green. WOT’s Community = Only 71 for trustworthiness and only 88 for Child Safety. MalwareURL = NOT currently listed. hpHosts = NOT listed. However, they have issued a warning that, “The IP PTR associated with this record, does not resolve back to it’s original IP address. This is very bad practice.” URLVoid = At first, it said that the domain did not exist or was inaccessible. After running it a second time, it came back “CLEAN”. Malware Domain List = Nothing. Malware Domain Blocklist = Nothin...

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