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Just some illegal stuff

Please stay away from this one

Be cautious of illegal activitys

The hidden wiki is a place that archives .onion links, they have a dangerous reputation of having criminal activity and buying stuff there can land you in jail. (You know what I'm talking about.)

So don't go on illegal stuff and keep yourself safe.

For more security and privacy, TOR is for you

TOR (The_onion_Router.) Is a search engine used for anonymous web searching. Safe and free, with no any viral infections. Please be wary as if your deciding to download this for illegal activity. You can end up in jail. Please be cautious that using Tor network service can have a harder to catch viruses that can cause major harm. But overall safe to use.

Fun game

It's a safe fun game, free and entertaining. Did he read your mind? Bet he did, I love going to Animator to read my mind. However there is ad's that you would have to watch out on. Avast had a false report of a virus aswell that got fixed. Trust us. It's safe.

Just a kid site, nothing really much.

Yea I could do the whole review about club penguin safety, but there's nothing much to say. It's very limited though. Club penguin.